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Florida Construction Law Attorneys

Construction Delay Disputes

Time is money. Many construction projects are subject to unanticipated delays. Carefully negotiated construction contracts can help to define the expectations and responsibilities of parties and allocate risks accordingly. When delays do occur it is best to seek counsel as soon as possible.

Even in cases where contract language is clear, honest disputes about the change order process, owner requests, weather delays, subsoil conditions and other complex factors can cause complications and disputes.

Contractor's Rights

As a general rule, contractors and subcontractors have a right to receive additional payment for additional work. If the work has been authorized expressly or implicitly by an owner or owner's agent, contractors should generally have a right to receive compensation for change orders and additional work performed on a project.

Owner's Rights

Property owners have a general obligation to provide payment for additional work that is necessary for the completion of the project. However, complications may arise in a design/build project where the general contractor has agreed by contract to be responsible for project completion at a fixed price and where additional costs have resulted from design specification defects. In some cases, contractors have merely failed to account for normal delays in the construction process and may be seeking additional pay because they failed to provide a realistic project bid at the beginning of the project.

The Construction Law Attorneys of Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC

The commercial construction law firm of Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, is one of south Florida's most recognized names in construction dispute avoidance and resolution. The firm represents contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, sureties, subcontractors, property owners, condominium associations, sureties and material suppliers and design professionals throughout the State of Florida from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.

Whether you are a contractor, owner, design professional or other party involved in a construction delay dispute, you can find the experienced legal representation you require at Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC

All of the firm's senior attorneys are board certified by the Florida bar in construction law, and offer more than 40 years of combined experience in construction dispute avoidance and resolution. The firm has earned a reputation for its ability to successfully resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration and litigation.

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For highly experienced, efficient and cost-effective representation in a construction delay dispute, contact the south Florida construction lawyers of Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC, in Deerfield Beach, Florida. For assistance, call 954-570-8999, or contact the firm by e-mail.

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